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Okamura Corporation to exhibit at Orgatec in Cologne from October 21st to 25th 2014, showcasing for the new Sabrina Standard chair designed with Giugiaro Design, Sylphy chair and muffle office system.
Cologne, Germany – 21 October 2014 After their first collaborative debut at Orgatec 12 years ago, Okamura is once again launching a new product designed with world-renowned Giugiaro Design of Italy: The Sabrina Standard Chair. Okamura will also exhibit Sylphy chair, muffle etc.
Sabrina Standard is the new flagship task chair born from the most recent collaboration between Okamura Corporation and Giugiaro Design. The overall design incorporates a patented ring-shaped backrest that flexes to fit your body and gently twists to either side for extra flexibility.
 - Sabrina Introduction:
Sylphy is a new task seating with unique Back Curve Adjustment. What Okamura discovered from body measurement of hundreds of people was the wide difference of back curve in lateral direction, a difference that was overlooked by seating manufacturers. By an instant switch function of the backrest horizontal curve, Sylphy gives maximum comfort to wide range of people. Inheriting Okamura's expertise in seating, Sylphy is a full function ergonomic task seating, with wide variation of style and finish.

 - Sylphy Introduction:

muffle is a collaborative solution consisting of panels, soft seating, and tables. The concept behind creating muffle was to regain the right balance between open and private to the workplace. muffle is a modular system that can be configured in multiple arrangements and transform open spaces in to concentration or collaboration spaces. muffle is sound-absorbent, and comes in unique vibrant color palette of nine standard colors, inspired from natural elements.
Okamura is very excited to once again unveil a new product line-up at Orgatec.
About Okamura Corporation
For over 69 years, Okamura has been Japan’s leading office furniture manufacturer and a benchmark for the industry. Okamura is recognized for its high quality products that have achieved design and engineering excellence. Okamura products are now distributed to over 50 countries. For more information on Okamura product, please visit one of our many showrooms or website at www.okamura.jp.

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株式会社 岡村製作所(本社:神奈川県横浜市、代表取締役社長:中村 雅行)は、20141021日(火)~25日(土)にドイツ・ケルンで開催される世界最大規模のオフィスおよびファシリティー関連の展示会「ORGATEC 2014 ケルン国際オフィス家具見本市」に出展いたします。インダストリアルデザインの名門「ジウジアーロ・デザイン」とのコラボレーションによるオフィスシーティング「Sabrina Standard(サブリナ スタンダード)」をはじめ、オフィスシーティング「Sylphy(シルフィー)」、オフィスシステム「muffle(マッフル)」を展示いたします。

20141021日(火)より ドイツ、ケルンにて開催

世界的に有名なイタリア「ジウジアーロ・デザイン」と協業し、初めてオルガテックで展示をしてから12年、再びジウジアーロ・デザインによる「Sabrina Standard」を展示します。ほかに「Sylphy」「muffle」なども展示を予定しています。




Sabrina Standard」はオカムラと「ジウジアーロ・デザイン」とのコラボレーションで生まれた、オカムラのフラッグシップとなるオフィスシーティングです。左右に分かれたリング形状の背はしなやかな柔軟性があり、身体にフィットします。





岡村製作所については、オカムラウェブサイトをご覧ください。 http://www.okamura.co.jp/ 

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