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June 15th, 2015


Okamura Corporation is exhibiting NeoCon2015


Okamura Corporation is exhibiting NeoCon 2015 (June 15th, 16th, and 17th) in Chicago. NeoCon (The National Exposition of Contracts Furnishings), started in 1969, is an annual contract furniture exhibition which is the largest in both size and importance in North America. Okamura has not only been a regular exhibitor since 2008, but also had its own permanent showroom and Chicago Branch office for nearly a decade. Okamura expects many visitors to come this year, too, for new and innovative office furnishings and healthcare products to appeal stronger Okamura brand.


Products to be shown at the show

Plimode: Plimode is a conference chair that combines both bespoke design and high functionality. Seeing from the side you’ll notice beautifully streamlined silhouette and sophisticated urban look. Fabric used on its back and seat is carefully hand-stitched for literally tailor-made finish. Inner-mesh structure is one big highlight that Okamura is truly proud of in developing Plimode concept – the structure in which fabric covers durable yet light back made of mesh inside.

Runa: Runa is a meeting chair that brings fun and pop to any space that you spend your time – either your own desk, casual meeting room, lounge area, or you name it. But not just lightness it is still equipped with reliable Okamura quality such as MDC (multi-density cushion) for the most comfortable sitting experience.

SW: SW is a collection of height-adjustable desks and meeting tables. Now that work styles and preferences are so diverse, this is the product that responds various needs from workers. From sitting to standing, position change is just one action away on a controller – between 25 5/8" - 49 1/4" of height adjustment without any loud noise that interrupt creativity. Safety function is also equipped which moves an inch up when the table contacts an unknown object in motion. Come to our showroom to actually experience SW.

muffle: Following its debut in 2014, muffle is enriching its lineup with individual booth unit, more size variations, panels with casters, high counters, and multi-purpose shelves. R-shaped panels gently surround workers with relaxed feel. Soft surface fabric avoids oppressed atmosphere and gives workers a sense of security and comfort. Whether you want to focus by yourself or collaborate with others, muffle plays a role as a moderate partition to soften the tense workers tend to have at work. With ample selection of colors and layout variations, muffle responds to various work spaces and styles.

traverse: Okamura debuts a conference table collection: traverse V and X at NeoCon 2015. The collection responds to today's various needs that workers have toward how a conference room should be. While the table top guarantees an ample space to work on, it never overwhelms the enclosed room while generously bringing the sophisticated beauty that naturally matches with the architecture and the ambience that a company wants to represent. Not just beautifully designed, the collection is also functionally well planned, enabling ICT wires to be concealed inside the beam and legs. This way workers will never be interrupted by unwanted tangling of wires and can secure the clean and safe working environment. This item is the first creation that welcomes visitors in Okamura showroom entrance at NeoCon 2015.

divo: divo is an I.V. stand that is full of unique features that other counterparts in the market do not have. You can minimize the risk of transfusion bag movement with divo’s flat-shaped hooks. Height adjustment function of the pole is simply just one push away with your thumb in which safety stopper is equipped, so you can easily set the height at the optimal position with the fear of loosening. Handle is designed to a ring-shaped which both a patient and a care giver can hold together for the maximum level of safety, which also acts as a tray for small items. This helps medical professionals a lot as they can temporarily place their transfusion bags when they change them. As an additional line-up, you’ll have a chance at Okamura showroom to see divo lua, which stores light during the day. This technology keeps patients at night from falling that often occurs in a dark patient room.

Ipsia II: Ipsia II is a reclining chair for various scenes of patients’ room but especially useful for comfortable experience during chemo therapy. High quality audio system is built in so that a patient can enjoy the sound of smartphone, DVD player, or TV without wearing ear phones but still without making the sound heard by other people around, as the top of the backrest is shaped inward. Conventional footstep is now removed and wires are stored inside table posts to offer higher level of safety especially when a patient gets on and off of Ipsia II. Upholstery is not just one those typical surface that you often see in medical scenes but is fabric that has a tone of residential or home-furniture-type of warm feel that is still durable enough to be kept clean.

Karre: With highly mobile rotationality and height adjustment equipped, Karre is a truly innovative nurse cart, bringing stress-free working environment for medical professionals. We actually gathers comments from medical professionals from various scenes in hospitals and clinics to develop a cart with easy usage and simple design. Since we have 5-color variations, color blocking is also possible based on each department or purpose at the scene. Enjoy the functionality and simple design that Karre offers.







2015 年6月15日



株式会社 岡村製作所は、2015年6月15日(月)~6月17日(水)にアメリカのシカゴで開催される「NeoCon2015」に出展いたします。「NeoCon」(The National Exposition of Contract Furnishings)は、1969年から毎年アメリカ・シカゴのマーチャンダイズマートにて開催される北米最大の商業インテリアの展示会です。オカムラは2008年よりマーチャンダイズマート内にシカゴ支店、ショールームを開設しています。今回の「NeoCon2015」ではオフィスやヘルスケアの新製品を中心に発表・展示を行い、新たなオカムラを提案します。
















カンファレンステーブル「traverse V(トラバースV)」
カンファレンステーブル「traverse X(トラバースX)」

「Traverse」は、シンプルでデザイン性が高く、かつ機能的なカンファレンステーブルです。薄く強固で美しい天板と、補強と大容量の配線機能を兼ねたシンプルなビームを採用することで、大型でも圧迫感のないカンファレンステーブルを実現しました。中間脚のない足元と、常にケーブルフリーを保つことのできる天板で、テーブルの美しさや使いやすさを損なわずにすっきりとしたカンファレンス空間を演出することができます。V字の脚が特徴的な「Traverse V」と、X字のアルミ製のベースをあしらった「Traverse X」を品揃えしました。今日の働き方のニーズに応えながらも高いデザイン性と使い心地の良さを両立した、存在感のあるカンファレンステーブルです。



「divo」は、業界初・リングトップの四方に輸液フックを取り付けた点滴スタンドです。ポールの高さ調節は安全ストッパーを片手で押し上げるだけの簡単操作で、最適な高さに設定できます。ハンドルはリング状で、介助者と患者両方が握ることができ、小物置きも兼ねているので輸液交換の際に活躍します。今回この「divo」に、さらに患者の安全に配慮した機能を加えた「divo lua(ディーボルア)」の品揃えを追加しました。「divo lua」は、点滴スタンドのベース先端に蓄光タイプのパーツが付いており、夜間に患者の足元をほのかに照らして安全を守ります。









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