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With over 85,000 media contacts, image.net is the world's leading publicity distribution service. We'll help you store, organize and quickly distribute all your digital promotional materials to the world's media - photos, broadcast-quality audio and video, press kits and more. We'll even create custom communications. Use image.net to get maximum exposure for your brand.  

See how we've helped publicists, PR agencies and sponsors maximize their coverage and investment using image.net.
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Target industry influencers - leading newspapers, magazines, bloggers, online and broadcast media, plus niche and specialized outlets you may not have considered. With image.net you can promote your brand to an ever-expanding list of contacts from around the globe.  

For more information on what image.net can do for your next event or to set up an account, call us today at US 800 IMAGERY(800 462 4379) or   email.

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