Toyo Tires - Serie A AC Milan Opening Match
Serie A AC Milan 2014-2015 Season Kicks Off - Start of Toyo Tires’ Full-season Sponsorship
Images from the opening match, AC Milan v. SS Lazio are available for free on this site (Editorial use only).

セリエA ・ACミランの 2014-2015シーズンが開幕、TOYO TIRESが新シーズンのスポンサー活動をスタート。


August 31 2014 MILAN vs. LAZIO
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Serie A AC Milan 2014-2015 Season Kicks Off

Start of Toyo Tires’ Full-season Sponsorship

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (Akira Nobuki, president) announces the start of a series of branding initiatives through the company’s support of AC Milan as a Premium Sponsor, kicking off with the start of the Serie A Italian professional football league 2014-2015 season from August 30.

AC Milan boasts a following of fans from all around the world. Having determined that the football club would be a powerful source of branding content for the company as it continues to expand its business globally, in April 2014 Toyo Tires became the first Japanese company to sign a Premium Sponsorship agreement with AC Milan.
Toyo Tires is bolstering its business foundation globally with a focus on production and sales of tires, its core product, and the company’s management is shifting gears into a stage of growth. Through this partnership, the company hopes to boost the prestige of the TOYO TIRES brand in the medium term in each of its global markets, including the EU, growth markets like Russia and the Middle East, China and Southeast Asia, which have been positioned by the company as critical markets, as well as in Japan.
The 2014-2015 season will be Toyo Tires’ first full season with AC Milan since concluding the partnership, and the company will unveil a number of activities showcasing the football powerhouse.
The December 14 match with Napoli will be a “TOYO TIRES presents” match sponsor day. For this match, the TOYO TIRES brand will be on full display at San Silo Stadium, AC Milan’s home venue, and plans are underway for projects to help boost AC Milan to victory.

Toyo Tires will also aggressively utilize content featuring AC Milan in its advertising material. In addition to developing and launching a collection of original novelty items for its customers, the company is also producing video content that will highlight AC Milan’s star players.
Since becoming a sponsor of AC Milan, in June Toyo Tires launched its first ever social networking service. AC Milan activities and match results will also be updated to the “ON and OFF THE FIELD” Tumbler page. Be sure to check them out!


Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1945, Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. has continued to cultivate distinctive markets through innovative technologies and products in its core business areas of manufacturing and sales of automobile tires, industrial rubber, urethane products and anti-vibration rubber for automobiles. Toyo Tires’ business activities are not limited to Japan. Today our group companies operate in more than 100 countries and regions, providing unique products and services that precisely meet the diverse needs of our customers.


セリエA ・ACミランの 2014-2015シーズンが開幕

TOYO TIRESが新シーズンのスポンサー活動をスタート


当社は、主力製品であるタイヤの生産・販売を中心に、世界のマーケットで事業基盤の強化をすすめ、成長ステージへ経営をシフトしていく態勢にあります。EU圏はもとより、市場展開強化を企図するロシアや中東、重要市場と位置づける中国、東南アジアほか日本国内など、世界の各マーケットにおいて、本パートナーシップにより中期的にTOYO TIRESブランドのプレステージが高まることを期待しています。

すでに8月13日から「セリエA開幕記念」として、ACミラン公式スマートフォンカバーを100名に抽選でプレゼントする企画を実施し、29日までの応募期間中、約19倍の応募をいただきました。また、11月23日開催のインテル・ミラノとのミラノダービーを観戦レポートしていただく、観戦ツアーを企画。「ミラノダービーTOYO TIRESレポーター『ミラニスタ11』募集!」キャンペーンを現在、実施しています。

名称: ミラノダービーTOYO TIRESレポーター「ミラニスタ11」募集!
実施期間: 2014年8月27日10:00~2014年9月19日23:59
応募方法: キャンペーンページから、「ミラニスタ11になりたい”熱い気持ち”」を写真1枚と文章で表現してご応募いただきます。
賞品: 11月23日インテル・ミラノとのミラノダービー観戦ツアー

12月14日におこなわれるナポリ戦は、TOYO TIRES presentsを冠したマッチスポンサーデーに決定しました。ACミランの本拠地であるサン・シーロスタジアムでTOYO TIRESブランドの訴求を全面的に行なうとともに、ACミランの勝利を後押しする企画も計画準備中です。
ACミランへのスポンサーが決定して以降、6月に当社として初めてとなるSNSを立ち上げました。ACミランの試合結果や活躍は、当社のFacebookやTumbler「FROM THE FIELD」でも発信していきます。ぜひご覧ください。



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