Honda F1 Press Conference
McLaren-Honda 2015
2015年 FIA フォーミュラ・ワン世界選手権参戦に向け、記者会見を開催
Honda Holds a Press Conference
Prior to the 2015 Season of the FIA Formula One World Championship, Tokyo, Japan on February 10, 2015

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Press Release

Press Release

2015年 FIA フォーミュラ・ワン世界選手権参戦に向け、記者会見を開催


* FIAとは、Fédération International de l’Automobile(国際自動車連盟)の略称


Honda Holds a Press Conference
Prior to the 2015 Season of the FIA Formula One World Championship

TOKYO, Japan, February 10, 2015 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today held a press conference in the run-up to the Australian Grand Prix of the FIA* Formula One World Championship (F1), which will take place in one month’s time (begins March 13-15, 2015).

McLaren-Honda drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button also attended the press conference and expressed their enthusiasm for the first race.

* Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

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Interview: Fernando Alonso

Interview: Jenson Button

Interview: Takanobu Ito

Press Conference



Fernando Alonso, McLaren Honda Driver

Working with Honda has always been very attractive to me, after the successful partnership they had in the 80’s. I was a child, so I saw many of their victories and being part of the new McLaren Honda is an honour. With the newest technology that we now have in Formula One, it’s a nice challenge, provided we can do it together with Honda. We want to deliver good results.



Jenson Button, McLaren Honda Driver

It’s great to be part of the new Honda family. Being part of a new era of McLaren Honda is what I dreamed of as a kid. What really stands out about Honda is their passion for motor sport, their love for the sport, wanting to excel in the sport. Technology is something they're very good at. World championship is something we didn't achieve the last time, so we definitely have unfinished business.



本田技研工業株式会社 代表取締役社長執行役員

Takanobu Ito
President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

"Taking on difficult challenges has been built into Honda’s identity since the foundation of the company. For over a half century, Honda has been participating in various racing series including F1 to cultivate our true capability as an automaker.

Now we have an opportunity to demonstrate our true values in F1 racing, the most prestigious automobile race series of them all. We’re going to pursue environmental technologies introduced to F1 racing as part of our challenge is to pursue the ultimate in energy management that will lead to the technological excellence of Honda in the future. The severe environment of racing will also cultivate the development of professional human resources.

Through new technologies and human resources cultivated in the extreme environment of F1, Honda wants to create innovation. More than anything, we want to live up to the expectations of Honda fans and continue winning. To realize this dream, we take challenges in the F1 with strong determination represented by our corporate slogan – The Power of Dreams. Welcoming two excellent world champion drivers in Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, the McLaren-Honda team is highly-united and of one mind. We will now begin adding a new page to its history. Please keep your expectations high."

「創業期より、Hondaはチャレンジすることをアイデンティティとして、半世紀以上にわたり、F1をはじめとするさまざまなレースに参戦し、四輪車メーカーとしての実力を磨いてきました。四輪最高峰レースであるF1に新しく導入された環境技術は、Hondaにとって真価を発揮するチャンスです。今回F1に参戦する意義は、将来、Hondaの卓越した技術につながる、究極のエネルギーマネジメントへのチャレンジにあります。また、過酷なレースは、プロフェショナルな人材を育む場にもなります。F1という極限の世界で培われた技術や人材を通じて、Hondaはイノベーションを起こし、勝ち続けることで、ファンの皆さんの期待に応えたいと思います。この夢の実現に向け、Hondaは、コーポレートスローガンである『The Power of Dreams』に強い決意の気持ちを込めて、F1にチャレンジします。2人の素晴らしいワールドチャンピオンを迎え、志を一つにしたMcLaren-Hondaの、新たな歴史にご期待ください」



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