The 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
第11回 トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト
Toyota Holds the 11th Dream Car Art Contest Awards Ceremony. Video, images and documents are available for free on this site (Editorial use only).
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トヨタ自動車、「第11回 トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト」表彰式を開催。コンテスト・表彰式の広報資料はプレビュー&ダウンロードが可能ですので、報道用にご活用ください。


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Engineering Inspiration Award 夢のクルマ技術賞
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Press Release

 Toyota Holds 11th Dream Car Art Contest Awards Ceremony

―Gold Awards Go to Children from Sri Lanka, Canada and Brazil―

Tokyo, Japan, August 23, 2017―Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today held an awards ceremony for the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest at Mega Web, Toyota's vehicle experience facility in Tokyo's Koto Ward, where the award-wining entries were announced and awards were presented.
Entries in this year's contest numbered approximately 830,000 from 79 countries and regions. The award-winning entries (shown below) were selected among winners in national contests.
Age 7 and under―Gold
"Toyota Knowledge Paradise Car"
Ruwindya Thushadi Indraratne
(Sri Lanka, Age 7)
This car provides everyone with a clean environment, sensibilities and knowledge related to sharing, health and education for building a better future.
Ages 8-11―Gold
"The Suitcase Car"
Hong Yu Liang
(Canada, Age 10)
This is a portable car that folds closed like a suitcase and uses air as its power source. It floats in the air and can help people escape natural disasters, such as tornadoes and
Ages 12-15―Gold
"The Recycle of Dreams"
Victória Bezerra Oliveira
(Brazil, Age 15)
This car brings together people's dreams of joy, love and new ideas. It keeps communities
clean by converting organic waste into fuel and helps trees live longer by fertilizing them with its exhaust.
President Akio Toyoda Award
"Mother's Car"
Massiel Esther Salguero
(Bolivia, Age 4)
Comment by President Akio Toyoda
"The drawing's warm theme of 'My dad buys a car for my mom' struck my heart. I could sense the caring feeling of giving the mother of a family freedom of mobility, of making her life easier and enabling the whole family to have a good time together with smiles on their faces. In Japanese, we have the term aisha, which means 'beloved car'. Cars, which Toyota makes, are rare among manufactured goods, in that they are sometimes preceded by the word 'beloved'. I felt both appreciation and joy in seeing cherished family love projected onto such a car, which was drawn in a very sweet way."
Engineering Inspiration Award
"Note Car"
Fatahillah Faisal Rizqiawan
(Indonesia, Age 14)
The Engineering Inspiration Award is given to the entry (chosen by
Executive Vice President Didier Leroy) that most inspires those in
charge of car-making at Toyota. Based on the original drawing, TMC's Prototype Production Division reproduced the entry as a three-dimensional model, giving it a moving suspension, a propeller and a built-in music box.
Makes Me Smile! Award (online voting award)
"Toyo Terra Click"
Ana Gabriela Agudo
(Panama, Age 7)
Last year, the contest instituted the "Makes Me Smile! Award", which spreads the appeal of entered artworks by giving a wide cross section of the general public the chance to participate in the judging process. The award is selected by votes cast through the contest's official website. This year, the winner was chosen as the result of numerous votes from 133 countries and regions.

■ General Evaluation of 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Artworks (by the judging committee)

The artworks of the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest were highly regarded by the judges, who noted their exceptional quality, and helped the judges appreciate that each piece took much time to complete and was carefully drawn to give form to the artist's ideas. The children's artworks depict worlds that leap far beyond the imagination of the judges. For example, a piece with the theme of ocean floor resources features numerous undersea
palaces of the "dragon god" (from a famous Japanese fable). In another piece (with a 3D theme), a tiger from one of the tales of Ikkyu-san (stories of the childhood of a famous Buddhist monk from centuries ago) is driven out through a partition screen. The vividness of the children's imaginations made the judges feel that their thinking was overly conservative.
Even if the composition of the pieces seemed fantastical to the judges, they felt that the canvas serves as a natural world for children. The judges also noted that many artworks are
tied to social issues, enabling them to see various realities from the viewpoints of children from around the world. The pieces have the power to inject common sense into the minds of adults by making them aware of the realities in which children live and the issues they face,such as uncertainty of the future, war, air pollution and water scarcity.
■ Outline of Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, first held in 2004, gives children around the world the opportunity to feel the joy and importance of having dreams. It is also meant to provide
children an occasion for developing an interest in cars. Thanks to the support and cooperation of the children around the world who draw/paint their works and send them in, and of the distributors and affiliates who organize local competitions in their respective
countries or regions, the contest was able to mark its 11th year in 2017.
There were approximately 830,000 entries from 79 countries and regions in this year's contest. National contests were held around the world from October 2016 to March 2017, with the winning artworks submitted to be judged in the world contest, which was held in April in Japan. Under the guidance of President Akio Toyoda, chair of the judging panel, art experts and automotive specialists from outside Toyota judged the entries and selected the award winners in the contest's three age categories.
■ The Awards
One Gold award, two Silver awards, three Bronze awards and four Encouragement awards are awarded in each of the three categories of "Age 7 and under", "Ages 8-11" and "Ages 12-15". 
Special Awards
There are three special awards: The President Akio Toyoda Award (chosen by President Akio Toyoda), the Engineering Inspiration Award (chosen by Executive Vice President Didier Leroy) and the Makes Me Smile! Award (an online voting award).
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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest official website
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Makes Me Smile! Award: voting website
Dream Car Art Contest Akio Toyoda Award 2017
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■ How to Download Entered Artworks
Winning artworks of the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, as well as photos and video from today's awards ceremony, can be downloaded from the following URL:
(scheduled to go online from around 14:00 on August 23)
■ Related: MobilmoTM―an App That Allows Children to Experience the Craft of Future Manufacturing
To further advance the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest principle of exercising creativity through the craft of making things, Toyota launched MobilmoTM, a smartphone and tablet app
that makes experiencing the craft of making things even more fun through digital technology.
Created through a partnership between Toyota and teamLab, a digital art collective gaining attention around the world, MobilmoTM aims to allow children worldwide to connect with their dreams and to help them find joy in the craft of future manufacturing through the following three key elements: "Move" (moving things), "Build" (freely creating things), and "More"
(making more friends).


 トヨタ「第11 回 トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト」表彰式を開催


トヨタ自動車(株)(以下トヨタ)は、8 月23 日(水)、「第11 回 トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト」の表彰式を「メガウェブ」(東京都江東区)にて開催し、入賞作品の発表と表彰を行いました。第11 回は、世界79 の国と地域から約83 万作品もの応募をいただき、各国のナショナルコンテストを経て以下の作品が入賞作として選ばれました

■7 歳以下の部<金賞>

「トヨタ知識パラダイスカー/Toyota Knowledge Paradise Car」ルヴィンディア トゥシャディ イントララト(スリランカ/7 才)


■8 歳~11 歳の部<金賞>

「スーツケースカー/The Suitcase Car」

ホンユーライアン(カナダ/10 才)


■12 歳~15 歳の部<金賞>

「夢の再生/The Recycle of Dreams」
ビクトリア ベゼハ オリベイラ(ブラジル/15 才)


「お母さんのクルマ/Mother's Car」
マシエル エステル サルゲロ
(ボリビア/4 才)
「音符カー/Note Car」
ファタヒラ ファイサル リズキアワン
(インドネシア/14 才)
トヨタの「クルマづくり」にインスピレーションを与えた作品に贈る「夢のクルマ技術賞」(トヨタ自動車 ルロワ副社長選出)。この作品を試作部が原画を基に足廻りやプロペラを動かせるように工夫し、オルゴールを仕込んで音楽を奏でる模型として再現しました。
<Makes Me Smile! Award~オンライン投票賞>
「トヨ・テラクリック/Toyo Terra Click」
アナ ガブリエラ アグード
(パナマ/7 才)
広く一般の方にも審査にご参加いただくことで作品の魅力をお伝えする「Makes Me Smile! Award~オンライン投票賞」を昨年より設け、「みんなを笑顔にする賞」として公式サイトからの投票で選出しました。世界133 の国と地域から多くの投票をいただき、1 作品が選ばれました。
■第11 回 選評(審査委員総評より抜粋・構成)
「夢のクルマアートコンテスト」第11 回の作品も、例年に増してそれぞれの絵が1 つ1 つ丁寧に長い時間をかけて思っていたことを形にしたんだろうと思えるレベルの高い作品が揃いました。子どもたちの絵は、審査員が考えているよりはるかに飛躍した世界を描いています。例えば、海底資源というテーマでは、たくさんの竜宮城が出てくる、3D というテーマを出すと一休さんの衝立からトラを追い出すなど、飛躍した世界を自分たちのものにしていて、審査員の見方が保守的に感じるほどです。絵の構成は飛躍してはいても、それが子どもたちにとっては自然な世界なのかなと思います。
「トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト」は、夢を持つことの楽しさや大切さを感じていただくと共に、多くの子どもたちにクルマファンになっていただく機会を創出することを目的として、2004 年より実施しています。絵を描いて送ってくださる世界の子どもたち、各国/地域コンテストを開催して頂くディストリビューター・関係社のご支援・ご協力のおかげで、今年で第11 回となりました。
本年度のコンテストには世界79 の国と地域から約83 万作品もの応募をいただきました。昨年10 月から本年3 月にかけて世界各国で「ナショナルコンテスト」が開催され、その優秀作品が4 月に日本で開催された「ワールドコンテスト」での審査対象となり、審査委員長の豊田章男社長のもと、美術・自動車専門家の外部有識者の方々に審査いただき、入賞作品を決定しました。
入 賞:「7 歳以下の部」、「8 歳~11 歳の部」、「12 歳~15 歳の部」の各3 部門ごとに、金(1 作品)・銀(2 作品)・銅(3 作品)賞/審査員奨励賞(4 作品)特別賞:「豊田社長賞(豊田社長選出)」「夢のクルマ技術賞(ルロワ副社長選出)」「Makes Me Smile! Award ~オンライン投票賞」
トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト 公式サイト
第11 回入賞作品ギャラリー
Makes Me Smile! Award~オンライン投票賞 投票サイト
夢のクルマコンテスト豊田社長賞 2017
第11回トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト 2017
「第11 回トヨタ夢のクルマアートコンテスト」の入賞作品画像および8 月23 日の表彰式の模様(写真・動画)は、以下のURL にてダウンロードが可能です。
*8/23(水) 14 時公開予定
■関連:子どもたちに「未来のモノづくり」体験を届けるアプリ「MobilmoTM (モビルモ)」についてトヨタでは「夢のクルマアートコンテスト」の理念「夢を表現し、創造すること」をさらに発展させた、デジタル技術によってモノづくりをより楽しく体験するスマートフォンアプリ「Mobilmo」を7 月14 日に発表しました。



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